Wednesday, February 1, 2017

2017 Feminist Reading Challenge Info and Sign Up Page

The Feminist Reading Challenge is back and fashionably late for 2017! This reading challenge focuses on reading nonfiction and fiction that is about feminism, sexism, and gender.

I've added some fun new challenges to the 2017 version including levels and even a feminist reading Bingo card. The Bingo card will be optional but I do want you to choose a level which are based on female superheroes. 

The Levels are:

Batgirl 1 - 4 books read
Catwoman 5 - 9 books read
Poison Ivy 10 - 14 books
Harley Quinn 15 - 19 books
Storm 20 - 24 books
Supergirl 25 - 29 books
Wonder Woman 30+ books

Here is the Feminist Bingo Card:

The Rules: 

  • This challenge began January 1, 2017 and ends Dec 31, 2017. 
  • Since I am starting a month late all books read in January may count towards the challenge. This includes the Bingo card.
  • You may sign up anytime during the year. 
  • Please choose a level. You may move up or down if your goals change. 
  • Books may be nonfiction, fiction, or poetry. Nonfiction books need to be about feminism and any related topic. Fiction and poetry need to be about girl's and women's issues. Young adult books will be allowed. Here is a list at Goodreads for book suggestions.
  • You may include books of any format including traditional books, ebooks, or audiobooks. 
  • You may reread books. 
  • The Feminist Bingo card is optional. Books may count for only one square.
  • Books may count towards other reading challenges. 
  • Use the hashtag #2017FeministRC on social media
  • If you could be so kind, please place the 2017 Feminist Reading Challenge banner on your blog to help spread the word. 
  • Please link back to this blog, post about it on Facebook, Tweet about it, and so on to help spread the word.
  • Please leave a comment with the level you are choosing and if you are doing the Feminist Bingo challenge.
  • To sign up add your link to the Linky Tools below. You may use your blog, social media account such as Facebook or Twitter, your Goodreads account, etc. 

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  1. Hey, I'm Frenzied Fangirl. I'm joining the challenge, aiming for level Poison Ivy, and also doing the Bingo Card. Xxxx